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About us

The Experience

Mohamed Abdullah Alharbi Trading Est, is a premier importer and distributor of the finest fresh seafood available since it's founded in 1970, Alharbi Seafood has maintained a well-earned reputation for superior quality as well as the integrity of his customer service and quality control committed to providing only top quality seafood products.

Our wide experience in seafood trade makes it possible for us to provide our customers with high quality products efficiently and cost effectively, also our global supply partners give us the ability to meet our customers' specific requirements.


Alharbi Seafood proud to offer simply the finest line of fresh seafood products focused on supplying only premium quality of fresh seafood.

We receive weekly shipments from around the world with most products arriving within 24 hours of catch. Customers are sure receiving only the finest fresh seafood available.

Alharbi Seafood continues to maintain strong relationships with top seafood suppliers from around the globe to supply clients with wide variety of seafood.

Our Competitive Advantages

Accuracy in business

Very wide supply base

high quality products with competitive prices

Wide experience and knowledge in seafood trade

Ultra-awareness and sensitivity

Deliveries door-to-door

Delivery on term and fixed time

Commitment to long term business relationship